Why do you struggle with change?

Over 70% of all personal change initiatives FAIL!

On the bright side, you are not alone.


Think about a time you struggled to make a change.


What derailed you?


For many, the derailment happens in response to the reaction of others.

Belonging is a core need.

Humans are hard-wired for belonging.


It's the sense of belonging (or lack thereof) that often derails our change efforts.


The Project Management Institute recognizes that 2 of the 3 broad categories of causes of project failure are people and communications between people.


Yet, when we plan our changes, we often focus on the tasks and the resources we need to be successful.


We often don't ask how our change impacts others.


We often don't consider how others might react to our change efforts.


Yet these are the things that will most likely derail you.

Personal change is not a solo effort!

To help your change succeed, you need to find support.


But what if support is not readily available?


Sometimes, the more fraught and important the change we need to make is, the harder it is to see the support around you.


I have written an inexpensive white paper that provides the tools and resources professional project managers use to engage stakeholders, recruit supporters, mitigate risks, address challengers, and ensure change success.


Observe your environment

Communicate effectively

Find support

  • Receive a 50 page, full-color white paper  with simple instructions

  • Download useful templates you can use both personally and professionally

  • Access personal 1-1 support for a nominal extra fee

See what some of my clients have to say:

I really appreciated her individualized approach - everything was geared to my specific values, needs and goals. 

Heather Niemela

Founder, Portages.com

Wendy does a great job of keeping me focused, allowing me to get a lot more done.

Brian Dusablon

Founder, Learning Ninjas; CEO, Duce.Enterprises.

Wendy has been an incredibly helpful partner in helping me to navigate some pretty big and meaningful life changes that I’m working on. I’ve found that she’s really effective in helping me because she brings structured tools, has deep grounding in the underlying science, and has real personal and inter-personal experience with this process.

Adam Menter

Founder, Greenermind

Wendy was a tremendous help with getting my productivity back on track, identifying future professional goals, and establishing the paths to get there. I recommend her highly for anyone looking to take their career to the next level!

Judy Katz

CEO & Founder, Huckleberry.Group

Wendy's superdoubleplusexcellent at project management and a delightful person to work with.

Julie Dirksen

Owner, Usable Learning

If you have been considering a fundamental change either in your personal or professional life, I encourage you to check her posts out. Wendy is helping me form something resembling direction and/or coherent thoughts in this noggin of mine.

Claire Mooney

IT Training Manager,  The George Washington University

Who are you and can you help me?



Wendy Wickham, MA, MS, PMP

I am a veteran of over 15 years in corporate IT and more than 25 years in adult education.   I spent my career helping people change habits, learn new skills, and gain confidence in their abilities.  


Learn how to define your stakeholders.  Knowing who will be impacted by your change will help you prepare for the inevitable challenges you will encounter. Once you know your stakeholders, you can create a strategy for dealing with them during your change effort.



Identify supporters. Find your supporters both within your current environment and online. Also includes tips and tricks for finding mentors and professionals to help guide you on your change journey.



Mitigate your risks. Other people often hold the keys to the resources you need to succeed. Learn how to identify who  might pose a risk and who may provide opportunity. You will then learn how to work with other people to your best advantage.



Communicate strategically. Communications plans will help you  reward supporters and reduce the impact of haters. The white paper includes advice for working in hostile environments and dealing with difficult people.

Leverage your natural need for belonging.

The white paper and all templates are only $25.00 US


My mission is to help you make the changes you wish to make in your life and find ways to help you 

improve your relationships and your environment while doing so.

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